Are Extracts > Flower?
There’s truly no feeling like coming home after a long day and taking that first rip of the evening to start to unwind and enjoy some quality ‘me time.’ But what if you didn’t have to wait until you got home? It’d be pretty convenient to have your favorite extract handy wherever you are and whenever you may need that release, wouldn’t it? You’re in luck! In this blog we’re going to explore just a few of the many benefits to using cannabis extracts over cannabis flower and why you may want to make the switch.

Now, although we do love some bomb extracts here at Hooga, we don’t want to mislead you either. Flower is still, and may very well always be, one of the top choices for cannabis consumption and we have no argument to that. Who doesn’t love a good joint? What we want to convey and help bring insight to though is the multiple benefits that extracts have over flower for true cannabis lovers, and how it provides you the ability to essentially get your smoke in anywhere, any time, with no second thought about it.

The best cannabis extracts are a more concentrated form of THC where cannabis is extracted through a process requiring either solvents, heat, water, or pressure. During this process all of the plant matter is stripped away, leaving you with the gooey goodness that will take you away to another stratosphere. Thanks to such a concentrated form of THC, it makes for a far more potent product than any other forms of cannabis, especially flower. Cannabis flower THC percentage typically ranges between 10-25%, where extracts like wax, badder, and diamonds yield a percentage within the 50-80% range.

Now that you’re aware of just how much of a punch they can pack, let’s dive into why extracts make so much sense for the daily smoker. Most smokers tend to spend anywhere between $50/$90 for an ⅛ of quality flower from your local dispensary. On average for most daily users, an ⅛ will typically last no more than a week on the long end. With extracts however, for a gram you’re usually looking at about $35/$85. Yes, ⅛ is a significantly more amount compared to a gram, we know, but stick with us.

A gram of wax, depending on the frequency of use and quantity per use, will typically last around two weeks. Since it is such a more concentrated form with astronomically high THC levels, it takes much less to use to help you hit lift off. So yes, although you are buying much less in quantity, you make up for it significantly in quality and potency. Just to break this example down, for the regular cannabis user who consumes daily, you could spend an estimated $180/$200 in a month on flower, as opposed to only $80/$100 in extracts for a much higher experience.

This brings us to our favorite part, how easy they are to use! Thanks to devices like vape pens, you can literally get your smoke in on the go, anytime, any place. The best part of it? It leaves behind ZERO odor. Ok zero may be a slight stretch, but compared to the smell from burning flower, there is virtually no smell. Not to mention, any smell that does stem from an extract is not strong nor does it stick to things like your clothes, hair, fingers, etc.

So whether you want to fire up your dab rig, your mini electric rig, your vape pen, or indulge in some gummies, quality cannabis extracts provide the perfect method for you to enjoy all the benefits of your nightly smoke sessions just about anywhere you please, whenever you please.

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