• Solventless extract 
  • Created from the plant’s resinous trichomes 
  • Contains 5-40% THC 

Still not sure where to start when it comes to extracts? Lucky for you we’re here to help and can hopefully point you in the right direction. Extracts are the latest craze in the cannabis industry and a very sought after smoking method due to its minimal smell and serious strength. Hitting you immediately, extracts provide serious THC content and  are only continuing to get more popular and improved through their extraction processes. Let’s take a look at one of the originators of the extract family and get a better understanding of how hash is made and what makes it so good.

The Appeal

Hash is easily the oldest form of extract that you are going to come across on the market. Dating back all the way to around 900 AD, hashish has been studied and used for centuries by civilizations across the world. It’s not only the oldest of the bunch, it is one of the most common extracts because it provides a similar smoking experience to flower, while providing a higher THC content. Many of the current extracts are relatively new to the cannabis community due to the increase in technological advances with extraction equipment. However, hashish has paved the way for them all. It’s not only one of the more soothing extracts to smoke, it’s also the cleanest and most natural available, with only rosin being a close second. 

Concentrate Construct

There is no solvent required or needed in order to make hash. The extraction process begins with taking raw flower and removing the trichomes with physical manipulation and temperature changes. Ultimately, you are then left over with the resinous trichomes which is what makes up the hashish. These waxy trichomes are concentrated and compacted down into a solid block of hash. The finished product contains a very small amount of plant matter, with a high amount of delicious terpenes. The THC content is much less than it’s extract alternatives, however, containing up to 40% THC it still provides a much more powerful smoke than regular flower. Give it a try for yourself and see if hash may be your new go to extract.