• Requires a solvent and low heat for extraction 
  • Different flavors 
  • Can contain up to 90% THC

New to the extract community? That’s exactly what we’re here for. Bringing education and insight on some of the most powerful and enjoyable extracts that are on the market right to your screen. Whether you’re a medicinal user or just recreational, these extracts each serve a special purpose. Insomnia, anxiety, pain relief, etc. We’re confident there’s an extract out there perfect for your needs.

The Appeal

The patriarch of the concentrate family, wax is the most notable and most used extract on the market. Containing up to 90% THC, its THC content is 3 times as high as regular cannabis flower. It’s no secret why wax is one of the most sought after and celebrated concentrates. Often with a more immediate response, wax is a great way to bring your cannabis experience to the next level. Not to mention it’s arguably the best tasting extract available due to the various flavors that are infused into wax.

Concentrate Construct

Wax is ultimately made by using a butane solvent to blast the cannabis plant which then leaves you with a gooey and highly concentrated resin. Buds are packed tightly into tubes where the butane is run through and separates cannabis resin from any of the unwanted or unusable materials from the plant. The final step in the wax extraction process is the purging process. Purging is last because it ensures the quality and clarity of the product by removing any of the remaining solvent material to provide the purest hit possible. When it comes to the quality of wax, ideally you want to aim for a soft and sticky consistency, with an amber coloration to it. This shows you that it was extracted through a careful and rigorous process, while also containing minimal traces of butane and a high quantity of THC. This ensures a clean and quality hit, every single time. Care to see just for yourself? Hit the link below to shop our wax and be sure to let us know how it’s worked for you.