• Uses butane solvent
  • Heat and pressure required for extraction
  • Diamonds are the crystalline structures that develop in sauce

The extract family stretches far and wide, providing you a complete array of options to choose from among your favorite concentrates. Ranging from potency strength, extraction process, all the way to different flavors, It can take some experimenting to find your go to. Let’s go through a quick run down of one of our personal favorites, the diamond extract.

The Appeal

Diamonds are one of, if not the most, potent and satisfying extracts in the concentrate family. Known for their strength, diamonds contain up to 97-99% THCa, while the remaining leftover material is terpenes and other cannabinoids. Diamonds are produced with freshly-harvested flash-frozen cannabis in order to help preserve the integrity of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes involved. Having a chemical makeup of this stature is what helps diamonds take smokers to another level and create the ultimate smoking experience for concentrate lovers.

Concentrate Construct

In order to obtain the potency in diamonds, the extraction process for diamonds requires a butane solvent with the use of pressure. Butane in this case is used safely in a certified facility and by professionals. These professionals use butane within a controlled environment and eventually separate the butane and the concentrate extract in a purging process. At the end of the process, you are left with a diamond and liquid terpene sauce that is used to begin the diamond formation process. With some time to sit in a climate controlled pressurized setting, cannabinoids will begin to crystalize and
separate from the terpene sauce. This leaves behind THCa crystals that will then undergo one final purging process to ensure minimal amounts of the solvent are left in the diamonds. Afterward, it is then tested by 3rd party labs to verify there is no residual butane solvent left over. Needless to say, the intensity of butane results with the intensity that diamonds are formed. Diamonds, pure THC ready for your use.